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What is a Learning
Management System (LMS)?

An LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. The learning management system concept emerged directly from e-Learning. Although most of LMSs are used in the higher education sector, LMSs today tend to evolve and grow in the corporate market.

Oohoo is specialized in an LMS named
Moodle and encourages its use because of its innovative potential.

Projects in progress


Laborama is a Moodle plugin replicating all functions of a traditional language lab, with added features that stem from its being web-based. It allows for synchronous as well as asynchronous use, in a face-to-face as well as in a distance learning setting.


We created a plugin integrating a proctor technology directly into Moodle. With the help of this unique plugin, you can now ensure that assessments, quizzes or exams are completed properly and honestly by the right people and that their activities and attention during those assignments is recorded in a secure, auditable record. Because it's a Moodle plugin, the users do not need to download or install a software on their computer.


To ensure peace of mind for your users, Oohoo offers several support packages for administrators, course creators, instructors and teachers. The successful implementation of a computer system depends heavily on the support available to its users; the Oohoo team will be ready when your members face various obstacles.

Oohoo provides installation, hosting, configuration and maintenance of your LMS site, which ensures performance, reliability and accessibility at any time. With Oohoo's technical services, you will save time and money, and have at your side a team of experts to support you in your online projects.

The Oohoo team possesses the creativity and the technical expertise to develop or modify all types of plug-ins or themes you can imagine for your needs. From themes, to blocks, to web services, etc. Over the years, Oohoo has developed a series of innovative plug-ins, most freely available and open source.

You need a gorgeous website? We can design any type of website that will suit your needs. If needed, we can develop a website on any CMS platform like WordPress or Concrete 5. We go through a standard creation process with professionalism and effectiveness. Contact us to get more details.

To meet your training needs, Oohoo offers a variety of courses delivered by certified instructors. The training can be personalized according to your needs: it is available online or face to face, in groups or individually. Oohoo provides training for administrators, course designers, teachers and LMS instructors.

Whether in the education or the business sector, Oohoo offers complete solutions for developing complex and state-of-the-art online environments tailored to the customer needs at a reasonable cost. Where your users see a problem, we see a challenge. And we have the solutions...

Oohoo is teaming with leading providers of hosting infrastructure, ensuring a reliable, robust and scalable experience to customers, while meeting their technical requirements and optimizing their budget. We guarantee excellent performance, accessibility and maximum security ensuring confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Oohoo's technical team will design a hosting architecture either with virtual or dedicated servers. Furthermore, we can support an maintain your internal infrastructure. Whether it's a stand alone server or a multi-servers architecture, hosted in house or with us, we have the required skills and knowledge to take that burden off your mind.